Saturday, May 7, 2011

How I Entered the Women's Toilet !!!

Finally I have started blogging !!! Thanks to the continuous pestering of my friend that I am again punching keys and blogging.

As I sat pondering on my desk as to what should I blog about, this particular incident raises its head wanting to flow out through my fingers onto my blog. To cut a long story short, Yes, I had entered a Women's toilet and that too at a public place !!!

I had gone on a Sunday weekend trip with my cousins to a park in Hyderabad. It had been a considerable amount of time since we had not visited a park per se. At times of Multiplexes, discs etc, one hardly ever thinks about parks. But somehow we had managed to convince ourselves to go to a park on fine day.

At the park, we indulged in the many joy rides that we had prided ourselves with during our growing up years. The swings were back in business again. There were almost 12 of us who had gone and had a gala time.

Its always fun going out with people of your age and most importantly when the relation is as close as brothers and sisters. We played all the silly games like Kho Kho, Out N Out and what not. People around us looked at us with amazement but we hardly bothered.

We played this we all got exhausted and then sat down to have our food. As I was having mine, my phone rang in my pocket. I reached out to get it and the moment saw the name of the person who was calling, a smile came automatically to my face. It was the same friend because of whom my fingers are punching the keys right now.

I got up and started talking and soon was transported into an altogether a different world which was right out of the wonderland where Alice belonged.

Unmindful of the things and happenings around me, I started talking and soon realized that there was a lot of sound as I was in the park. My eyes started scanning for a secluded spot so that I could talk without disturbance and suddenly spotted the toilets. I thought I would go in and talk as there would not be much disturbance there.

While talking to my friend, I walked into one of the toilets and bolted the door from inside and continued talking. After about ten minutes,

Thak Thak !!!

There was a loud knocking on my door.

I decided to ignore it and continued with my talked. But then the banging got louder and I got irritated and angry.

With the entire anger concentrated on my nose, I swung open the door,

"Kya Hai???", I told angrily.

The person knocking was a man of small built, unkept hair and a blue uniform. One look at him was enough for me to realize that he was a janitor.

"Saab, yeh ladies log ka toilet hai"
, he told me with a straight expression on his face.

Those words fell like boulders on my ears. I quickly came out and saw the sign on the entrance door and all that was written was 'SHE'. I then glanced at the adjacent door which said 'HE'.

I suddenly turned around to see if there was anyone else who was seeing. To my relief there was nobody else.

"Sorry Bhaiyya"
, I told him and beat a hasty retreat.

I thanked my stars that nobody saw me and nothing embarrassing happened to me.

From that day, I always see the sign twice outside any toilet at the aiport or malls or multiplexes or hotels etc before entering.

PHEW!!! This was one incident which still gives me goosebumps !!!